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about x-lite

The X-Lite Brand is Superior in the Marketplace

The X-Lite brand is committed to maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and safety. Our brand is recognized worldwide. At X-Lite Corporation, we maintain that brand standard in every aspect of our business. Our staff of professionals work closely with our customers to understand their requirements.  We listen to what the customer wants and needs. Our process is extremely flexible giving you the widest possible configurations to meet all your needs. At X-Lite Corporation we are committed to your success.

Commitment to Quality
The foundation of our success is our employees. Their commitment to continuous improvement and meeting the customer’s expectations provides a basis for achieving our quality objectives. We strive to be a leader in the industry in terms of product quality and value, and we are completely committed to delivering products that meet contract specifications and our customer’s requirements. Every aspect of our process is subject to our highest level of quality control. We continually review and revise our processes and make adjustments that ensure our quality benchmarks are maintained.

Commitment to Environment
Our commitment to the environment has guided us to continually strive to reduce our already minimized waste in our manufacturing process.  We offer more environmentally friendly and sustainable products and strive to continually reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly working with our suppliers to help find ways to reduce environmental impact. By offering re-fillable lighters, we help divert lighters from our landfills. Offering more re-fillable lighters helps greatly minimize the environmental impact to our environment. Our packaging is developed to maximize product per each shipment, minimizing the carbon footprint.

Warehouse Locations Across Canada

Our shipping and receiving department is committed to “just-in time” delivery.  With over 25 years of shipping experience, our staff has a superior track record and the knowledge to make sure your deliveries make it on time.    To better serve our customers, we maintain three warehouse locations across Canada. These strategic locations enable us to successfully ship across Canada and the U.S.A.

We also service clients in Europe, South Pacific and the Pacific Rim countries.



The X-Lite range combines modern design and state-of-the-art production technology at a higher quality level than the latest safety standard. Besides the high-quality material POM, which can withstand temperatures over 75°C and all drop tests, the safety cap ensures a maximum of safety. Above all, the safety flame based on the newly introduced membrane technology, guarantees superb customer satisfaction. The newly developed and patented CR system Gas Stop avoids any unintended gas leakage as with similar products in the market and ensures an even longer lifetime.

The fully automatic production processes guarantee an equally high production standard as in other automatic production plants; the intensive control mechanisms guarantee a consumer product with optimum safety and customer satisfaction.

  •  Specialist in the lighter industry for more than 19 years;
  • ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001-2001 Certified;
  • Quality guaranteed by advanced equipment and experienced staff;
  • Four production facilities, more than 200 engineers and 400 technicians;
  • The products passed ISO9994:2008 and with GS/SG/ASTM/CPSC certificate;
  • Holds numerous North American patents;
  • OEM capabilities