Light. Smoke. Grill. Savour.


The Many Features of a Single Lighter

When we design lighters at X-Lite Corporation, we consider a lot of factors; usability, function, colour, weight, even the feel of the lighter in your hand. 

Let's look at one of our most popular multi-purpose lighters; model XLC8820.

Corporate buyers can select which features they want on this model for their customers. 

The flexible barrel adapts to hard to reach places; the dark crevices of a barbecue, deep scented candles, tricky lanterns, and the pilot light of a furnace.

It also features an LED light; great for evenings when the sun has set or an unexpected power outage. 

An adjustable flame provides you with flame control.

This model of lighter is manufactured under the X-Lite Lighter brand as well as under private labels. We chose to manufacture this lighter in four different colours, but it could be customized to match your corporate brand colour. 

Many of our clients appreciate the refillable option on this lighter. Easy-to-do and environmentally responsible!

The final feature is a built-in bottle opener. Very necessary when camping on a long weekend, but, I've been known to use mine just a few steps from my backdoor! So pop open a cold one and let's strike up the barbie, mate!